I wanted Glasgow to have a Pilates studio with a difference somewhere that offers you in depth teaching and personal training in a class environment
— Lonneke, Studio owner
18months ago I ended up with a herniated disc and sciatica. I thought the pain would never ease until I came across Lonneke and reformer pilates. Lonneke is the best teacher I’ve ever had and is a true professional. My body and strength level has changed so much and even when I experience pain, I know what to do to ease it.
— Angela Kilday, Facebook


Studio Owner

Lonneke has been around sport and exercise from as far back as she can remember. Her mother was a former ballet dancer and her father the former Masters, British Open and World No. 1 golfer Sandy Lyle; with this heritage it is clear Lonneke was destined to spend her life and career around fitness, health and exercise in one form or another.

Her first passion however was for musical theatre and to this day when she's not working with a client you will find Lonnie singing and dancing. 

It was her first personal experience of Pilates that led her on her own journey of discovery. Originally just a keen student, she found herself more and more interested in Pilates, movement and the human body and it gave her the encouragement to pursue this interest further.

A few years later Lonnie now has undergone very intensive training on both sides of the Atlantic and possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in Pilates. Working both within a group setting as well as alongside one to one clients, Lonnie prides herself on her ability to improve the quality of lives of her clients in the most dramatic ways. She loves to share her passion for the human body, helping her clients understand the root and causes of the aches and pains and mobility issues that we all face and how to combat these. She's worked with professional athletes, dancers, gymnasts, runners, clients with sciatica, hip/knee replacements and much more. 

If you are interested in improving posture, looking to rehabilitate existing or prevent potential injury, looking to increase confidence with your own body or just perhaps you'd like to feel taller, lighter and more 'free' in yourself please have a chat with Lonnie; she would love to hear from you! You can't miss her! She'll be the tall brunette with the quasi American/Scottish accent cleaning something within an inch of its life whilst holding the splits and singing to herself haha!!!