I started my Pilates teacher training journey in early 2015 when I decided to have a career change from the world of dentistry. This change of career felt the right path for me as I practised Pilates to help with chronic neck and back problems that I endured whilst working – the everyday posture is not the best within dentistry! As well as now being neck and back pain free, I love the precision, balance and posture-awareness that Pilates has taught me, as well as enjoying both leading and participating in classes. 

My husband and I have recently moved back to Glasgow after 5 years living in Dubai. We decided to leave the UAE in March 2018 to travel the world for 6 months before moving back home in early September 2018. I’m passionate about travel and love to meet new people from all walks of life, and to experience different countries and cultured as often as I can.



Classes and Privates